Copper V/s. Brass Products

Copper  and Brass may look similar but they are different in their properties however they are actually called “Red metals “in common. These metals are high on demand always due to their own advantages that they possess.


Characteristics and Features Of Copper: 

Copper is a metal with Good conductivity, and is corrosion resistive. This metal is in fact is said to be more bacterial resistant, as it kills bacteria within no time of contact hence this is recognized as one of the healthiest metal too. So this metal is used to make bottles, cups, kitchenware etc. Water is stored in Copper bottles to make it free from bacteria and then consumed.  Copper is also used to sterilize the wounds.


Characteristics and Features Of Brass: 

Brass is one such metal similar to Copper but varies in certain characteristics.  It is an alloy that consists of copper with zinc added to it. Because of the presence of zinc, the color of brass can change from Red to Yellow.  This metal is used in decorative items and Pooja items as it looks similar to Gold.

Keeping in mind the properties of these metals, ensuring that their healthy benefits reach every individual, Nutristar has taken a step ahead to manufacture different products based out of these metals.

Copper is used in making Copper bottles, glasses, plates, pots etc as it has a property to cleanse water and purify it. However Brass is used in Pooja items (items used to worship God), decorative items etc.

Nutristar offers a wide range of Copper and Brass products and is shipped worldwide with no shipping cost. Some of the famous Copper products are water bottles, glasses, pots etc and famous products in Brass are Brass diyas, Brass bowls, Brass gift items etc.

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