We all like to make changes in our home or decorate it to make it more beautiful because we all know our home is the extension of our personal style. Designing your home with beautiful showpieces and miniatures gives your house a rich look.  Moreover, if you are person who likes to remain on the ground of cultural or traditional atmosphere, you have a lot of options around and choose the best to decorate your home with attractive and antique items.  Cultural and antique home décor items make your place look more luxurious and eye appealing as well as it reflects your tradition and values.

The most popular cultural home décor items come from the Metal Brass.




Brassware is quite popular because handicrafts made of Brass are considered highly attractive, artistic and they also have religious importance for certain rituals. Metal and some of the Metal Combinations like Bronze and Brass have been utilized right from the old occasions for making little and large vessels for the purpose of storage, Pooja or decoration.

Metal craft is not only considered as the finest, but it is also one of the India's ancient crafts, dating back to thousands of years. Painstaking work are made in India in a few areas, which has got its mainstream because of the unique artifacts and other objects that are created, which are always appealing to buyers.

Nutristar is a company that encourages the workers who makes these handicrafts from the metals. People use these products as home decor items. At Nutristar, we have a wide range of varieties in home decor items under brassware.

Some Of Them Are Listed Below:

1.Brass Flower Vase Handcrafted :

2.Brass Hanging Diya with Brass Chain :

brass hanging diya

3. Brass Urli With Elephant Legs :

Brass Urli with Elephant Legs

4. Brass Silver Plated Charminar Showpiece with gift box :

Brass Charminar Showpiece

5. Brass Golden Fruit Basket :

Brass golden fruit Basket

6. Brass Flower Planter :

Brass Flower Planter

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