What is Bidri Art?


Bidri is an important export handicraft of India. ‘Bidri’ is named after Bidar in Karnataka. Bidri is a metal inlay art which is developed in Bidar in the 14th Century during the rule of the Bahamani. Therefore an art coming from such a place have signifies its cultural richness.  It is a kind of Metal work in India, consisting essentially of damascening (fancy) of silver upon and some metal which is made black by coating.  Bidriware is prized as a symbol of wealth.

Bidri art work is perfect for those who want to give traditional look to their interior. Artisan crave bidri artwork in a variety of wonderful showpiece structure like Bidri art duck showpiece, Bidri art elephant showpiece,Bidri art Nandi, Bidri art flower vase, Bidri art Table Accessiories, Bidri art jewelly box and then different designs are engraved.

 Bidri Art - duck showpiecebidri art- Nandi showpiecebidri art- elephant showpiece




Aftabi - Metal Overlay

Koftgiri: Inlay of Sheet Metal

Zarbuland- High Relief

Tarakashi- Inlay of wire


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