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Nutristar was founded and started in 1912 with a powerful thought of creating wider well being awareness about the multiple health benefits of Copper products and various handicrafts. Nutristar is an established manufacturer, exporter and supplier of vast range of products in India which includes Copperware, Brass ware, Bronze ware, Steel ware, Silver Plated, Spiritual & Feng shui Items. While the concept of storing water in a copper water bottle or other copper vessel arose centuries ago, Nutristar has made a revolution in Copper and Brass ware products, ruling the Home and Kitchen category whilst offering a versatile range along with home décor items as well. We as an organization are committed to working by maintaining our prime position in brands like Amazon. and deliver excellence. Our aim is to make Nutristar a house hold name; a preferred decoration item’s choice for Hotels, Restaurants, Weddings etc, by supplying an extensive array of sets of serve ware, drink ware, table ware etc in our specialized materials.

At Nutristar we work hard to make the products as much dear to the customers and hence we do customizations on products as well as provide customized packaging with certain MOQ’s. 

Nutristar has evidently been serving the Hotel, Restaurant, Wedding industries and so on dutifully, to add to our achievements; our products have been widely used and appreciated by yoga centers around the world since they also support and believe in the healthy benefits of “tamra jal” or natural alkaline water since it has been said that drinking water out of a copper vessel balances the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) by genuinely infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper in turn giving you a speedy metabolism along with protection from infections.

Nutristar’s Vision is to highlight the need of bringing highly skilled handicrafts into the economic mainstream. The organization also promotes a culture- based development model that focuses on heritage and craft preservation. We work at creating and visualizing diverse and unique designs by keeping in mind our customer’s choice, tastes and preferences which help us conceptualize beautiful and aesthetic products.  


 Our Strength

 India has a long and unique history of art, with several indigenous crafts and practices passed down across generations of artisan communities. Unfortunately, many of these artisans today face a struggle for survival, competing against the cheap, rapidly produced products of the modern age. It is time modern industry helped these artisans claim their rightful share of the global market; adhering to this, Nutristar promoted it worldwide and today in year 2018; it is providing employment to 5,000-10,000 artisans directly or indirectly. Over the years, the collection range has increased to 2500 products. All of these products are handmade by the expert artisans. Company software is designed and up to date; for smooth flowing of the entire ordering and delivering process.


We believe that a dream doesn’t become reality with magic; it requires dedication, sweat and hard work. We are on a constant grind to turn our dreams into reality. The excellence of our artisans results in our price quotations being edgy and competitive, with excellent products, finishing, designs and prompt deliveries. A few policies that we abide by are:

  • Promotion of safe work practices.
  • No child labor.
  • Advance decision making with proper intake from the staff as well.
  • Skilled staff with proper reporting and sharing.
  • Easy, efficient and quick revert to customers.


Medieval Yet Modern

 Our ancestors reaped the benefits of a healthy lifestyle cause of the Ayurvedic methods of storing water in and usage of copper vessels; we still hold close and true to those values while going hand in hand with the trend as well, we are a professional team, operating with participative management style. One will always find contemporary designs increasing in our collection rapidly. Contemporary and Conservative are two sides of a coin for us.


 What We Strive For

  • Excellence in product quality and customer service.
  • Offering competitive price to the buyers by enhancing the values and controlling the outputs.
  • Constantly coming up with new product ideas, to provide with a varied range of products for our customers.
  • Up to the mark maintenance of the Inventory for ease of fetching accurate stock data.
  • Nutristar maintains fulfillment of bulk orders in shorter time by keeping the order receiving and dispatching time between 24 hrs.
  • Working ethically to gain trust of employees, vendors and customers.
  • To enhance performance of employees by treating them as whole persons and fulfilling their needs
          – physical (pay package & resources), mental (training & empowerment), emotional (inspiration & motivation) & 
            spiritual (noble cause).
  • Personalized approach as far as interpersonal relationship with customers, employees & vendors is concerned.


 Global Presence

We showcase our intricate and exquisite collection worldwide; as a proud seller, maintaining its prime position since a long time with brands like Amazon (covering all channels like U.S, Mexico, Spain, Canada etc.,).

Nutristar also maintains timely serving to its regular wholesale suppliers.  

Employing 250 skilled people, a training and HR centre with the factory spread over 65000 square feet with offices in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

Nutristar, is always keen to meets his customers personally to learn their requirements and to create win-win synergies.



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