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NUTRI STAR Copper Gift Items:

NUTRI STAR has a wide collection of copper gift items. NUTRI STAR has many satisfied customers all around the world and has brought the best copper gift Items. The best Copper Gift Items are available at NUTRI STAR's online shop. Please visit our website for more information.

We deliver products all over the world and provide free shipping in India. Some of the products are given below.

1. Copper Water Bottles

2. Copper Glasses

3. Copper Drinkware Set

4. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

5. Copper Decorative Urli Bowl.

While the concept of keeping water in a copper water bottle, copper jug, or other range of copper vessel dates back centuries, NUTRI STAR has revolutionized Copper and Brassware products, reigning supreme in the Home and Kitchen area while also providing a huge variety of home décor items. NUTRI STAR offers free delivery in India and exports the best quality of products throughout the World.

NUTRI STAR is a well-known Indian producer, exporter, and seller of a wide range of products, including Copperware, Brassware, Bronzeware, and Steelware.

Your grandparents must have taught you about how metals like copper were utilized in everyday items like utensils, tools, bells, lights, and even sculptures by them and their forefathers. This is because copper was the first pure element discovered by man.

Men progressed from employing stones to copper after the discovery of copper. Copper was employed by ancient Indian civilizations in a variety of ways, from currency to household items. Copper vessels are mentioned in our ancient Ayurveda writings for drinking water.

Copper is one of the purest metals on the planet, and it has antimicrobial qualities. Copper has been used to cure a variety of ailments for millennia. Copper usage in household products, particularly copper kitchenware, has increased as Ayurveda and natural medicine usage has grown. Here are some incredible health advantages of an ancient metal that our forefathers stand by:

Purchase a pure copper bottle or jug. The same is available from NUTRI STAR, which offers premium copperware made of 100 % pure copper.

Fill the bottle halfway with water and keep it at room temperature for 8 hours.

On an empty stomach, drink the water stored in a copper bottle every morning.

Drinking water from a copper bottle necessitates frequent pauses. For example, after two months of drinking water from a copper bottle regularly, take a month off before repeating the process. This allows your body to expel the excess copper from your system.

Copper Urli can also be used as a potpourri bowl. Similarly, you may use the urli to float scented candles on special occasions it's a lovely sight. In addition, the Copper Urli may be used to float beautiful flowers.
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