Mortar and Pestle

The humble Mortar and Pestle has been here since 1550 BCE. The globe may have promoted to kitchen blenders, but a good old session with the mortar and pestle offers for a much more satisfying exercise. Civilization itself is as old as the world. Any food material's natural oils get released during within the process of being pounded in a mortar and pestle, which produces a way stronger flavor.

This most recent product from Nutristar is made with a longer pestle, which allows very different motion than most of these allowed with a shorter one.

It is simple to use for manufacturing medicine or grinding spices. This mortar-pestle from Nutristar's sweet handcrafted body could be a good indication that we are rediscovering the joy of using a mortar and pestle in the kitchen.

Brass Mortar and Pestle

brass Mortar and Pestle

Brass Mortar and pestle (Okhli ) are used for grinding dry spices and mashing ginger for tea. Thanks to its health benefits and durability, brass is usually preferred over aluminum and steel. It comes in two pieces: a brass mortar and a brass pestle. Mortar is hollow to carry spices, and also the head of the pestle is used to beat spices and other items by moving them up and down.

Many of the items used in our ancient kitchens are still popular today and are an integral part of our modern kitchens. Mortar and pestle sets are one in every of these items. This kitchen item has been used for generations. Before things changed, homemakers used to grind their spices and herbs at home.

Edibles are now mass-produced and sold in markets in tubes, boxes, and cans. This ensured the purity of spices and other eatables, and people felt connected to the food they prepared and consumed in their kitchens. As a result, this simple but highly functional product can be found in the majority of kitchens.


Benefits of Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle

I having a mortar and pestle at home serves a variety of functions. It's used for both functional and aesthetic reasons. One in every of the most significant advantages of this household item is the incredible health benefits it provides to its users.

Although there are many different types of mortar and pestle on the market, brass is considered one of the best. To start with, when a homemaker or cook freshly grinds spices or herbs in it, it improves the taste and flavor of the food to which it's added.

The flavor of food prepared with freshly ground spices changes dramatically. Furthermore, the homemakers have the peace of mind of the spices they use in the food they prepare for their family members. Using such spices allows them to confirm the health of their loved ones.

Processed spices aren't as tasty, but if you've got the option, use a pestle and mortar in your kitchen to spice up the nutritional value of your food. It’ll naturally contain more vitamins and minerals that the body requires from the food.

Mortar and Pestle are ancient Indian culinary tools used for pounding and grinding grains. The product is long-lasting, and also the club-shaped pestle is meant to be used for a long time.

The first known method of grinding grain was with a brass Mortar and Pestle. These versions were typically massive, but modern and refined versions have become an important part of kitchens.

Mortar and Pestles to grind may be used to make a paste, prepare medications, in a very chemical laboratory, etc. By selecting a brass variant, you'll easily crush and grind nuts and herbs. You’ll also use it to emulsify garlic and smash chilies into a delectable curry paste. It may also be used to make a fine paste for Mexican dishes.

How do you clean and care for your mortar and pestle?

The cleaning method is one of the best ways to clean your product. It means you can grind and dry rice with a pestle after each use. then, you'll dust the powder away.

However, you'll clean this brass with traditional cleaning methods such as lemon, vinegar, pitambari powder, and so on. It gives your product a one-of-a-kind shine and keeps it nearly as good as new.

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