10 things you don't know about Copper

 Know 10 things about Copper:
  1. Helps in Immunity Building
  2. Helps in Increasing Bone Strength
  3. Helps in Relieving Pain
  4. Helps in Weight Loss
  5. Helps in Preventing Cancer
  6. Enhances the Digestive System
  7. Keep Skin Healthy and Acne Free
  8. Fortifies the Brain
  9. Good Circulation
  10. Copper has Antibacterial Properties
Immunity Building:
It is present in all cells of the body and helps in the production of red blood cells as well as the maintenance of nerve cells and the immune system.  It also helps in the creation of collagen, iron absorption, and energy production.

Increase Bone Strength:
 When copper is combined with other important vitamins like zinc, calcium, and manganese, it can help older women avoid bone loss and osteoporosis. Copper has bone-strengthening effects, and its ability to create collagen promotes healthy bones and connective tissues.

Helps in Relieving Pain:
Copper, which is naturally anti-inflammatory, helps relieve aches and pains caused by arthritis or inflamed joints.

Helps in Weight Loss:
Including copper in your diet can help people lose weight.

Prevents Cancer:
Copper has antioxidant properties that help to fight against free radicals, which have been known to cause cancer.

Digestive system:
Copper is an essential nutrient that is beneficial to your digestive system and metabolism. It can help with digestion, kill harmful bacteria that may be present in your water, and reduce stomach inflammation.

Keep Skin Healthy:
Copper is a component of melanin, which gives your hair, skin, and eyes pigment and provides sun protection. It also promotes the growth of new cells, refilling the top layer of your skin and giving it a smooth and clear appearance.
Fortifies the Brain:
Copper is a brain stimulant linked to higher thought processes.
Copper stimulates creativity and improves brain function by opening neural pathways. In a nutshell, it allows your brain to work faster and more efficiently – who doesn't want that?

Good Circulation:
Copper helps in the absorption of iron (from food and other sources in your intestines) and the release of iron to vital organs such as the liver as needed. By maintaining iron levels in the blood, copper regulates blood flow and improves circulation. This helps your body maintain a healthy red blood cell count as well as proper oxidation in your internal organs.

Antibacterial Properties:
Microbes, fungi, and bacteria, including E Coli, are destroyed and inhibited by copper. It can be ingested (from water stored in a copper vessel) or applied topically to boost your immune system, prevent infection, improve wound healing, and speed tissue healing. Copper is the only solid material capable of killing bacteria that are harmful to human health.

Utilizing copper utensils and drinkware, and wearing copper jewellery and clothing, are all ways to introduce copper into your life and diet. If you prefer to get the benefits of copper without taking pills, jewellery, copper-rich foods and beverages are a great way to get those trace copper elements.
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