How to clean brass pooja items at home?

How to clean brass pooja items at home?

One of our favorite metals is brass. It has a beautiful appearance, a great hand feel, and interesting physical and chemical properties. There are various simple, safe, and effective ways to clean and preserve your brass-made products to shine as new.

1. Pitambari Powder:

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Choose any toothpaste that isn't % gel. To begin, clean your brass puja item with soap and a paper towel. Then squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a delicate cloth.

Rub toothpaste over the full surface of the brass item to polish it. Clean and dry with a paper towel or gentle cloth when finished.

3. Vinegar and Flour:

Combine 2 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp water, and 2 tbsp vinegar in a uniform proportion. Apply a thick layer of the mixture to the trouble spots (or the entire surface) and let it dry completely.

The vinegar will dissolve the dense spots during this time, and the flour will absorb all of the dirt. Remove the dried layer with a piece of a soft cloth. Wash with soap and air dry as soon as possible.

4. Lemon juice:

Half a lemon should be squeezed into a small basin. Dip a small piece of cloth into lemon juice and use it to gently polish the brass surface. The item should be washed in warm water and dried as soon as possible.

5. Hot Vinegar:

If your brass has a lot of dark spots, you can remove them using hot vinegar. In a small metal container, pour 4-5 tablespoons of normal vinegar. Heat it to a temperature that is acceptable to the touch.

In the vinegar, dip a cotton pad or a small piece of fabric. In a circular motion, rub the brass surface. The item should be washed in water and dried as soon as possible.

6. Ketchup to clean brass:

Spray some ketchup on the brass and set it aside to dry. After a half-hour preferably an hour has passed, clean the brass item or brass item with a gentle, wet cloth or a soft toothbrush. Once the buildup has been removed, rinse and wipe away the ketchup with a clean cloth before drying the brass.
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