How to make Irani Chai ?

The process of making Irani chai is as follows:

Irani Chai Set

There are many different methods to make this traditional Irani Chai, and I'm sure you have your own unique method or ideas for preparing this delightful hot beverage.

The basic technique described for preparing this hot beverage is as follows:

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This Set contain Copper Patila( Milk Boiler), Copper Samavar ( Boiler ) and Copper Handa ( Dispenser)

  1. Take Copper Patila, pour milk, bring it to a boil, and then add 100 gms of milk maid per 8 litres. Boil milk upto 120℉ Note: You can adjust the amount of milk made based on how the customer response.
  2. Use a copper Samavar boiler to boil water and Assam tea dust to 120℉ .To this mixture, add 5 grams of caraway seeds, 5 grams of cardamom, and 5 grams of cloves for every 8 litres. You can adjust the amount of dry spices used based on the reaction of your customers.Some tea shops additionally add zafran to achieve the desired, distinct flavour.
  3. It is known as dikashan when water changes to a black tea or black wine colour after boiling Assam dust with above spices with water for 20 minutes.
  4. When the Dikashan has been filtered through cotton fabric, pour it into a handa or dispensor so that it can be dispensed and given through tea cups.
  5. Please make sure that milk and Dikashan are kept separate.
  6. Please dispense Dikashan from the dispenser or handa when a customer orders tea. Add one spoon of milk, and it's ready to serve.
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