Brass Holi Pichkari

Can you even imagine your holi fun without Brass Holi Pichkaris?


Nutristar has created brass holi pichkari. Pichkaris are a favourite with children. For the Holi holiday, a pichkari is an absolute must-have.

Nutristar has a wide range of products to choose from. Classic pencil-shaped pichkaris with a back holding pump. Nutristar provides free delivery all over India.


Holi is a colourful holiday that gives happiness and fortune to those who participate. The pichkari, or water gun, is an important part of this fortunate celebration of colours. A Holi Pichkari is a brightly coloured water pistol used to spatter coloured water on others.


Nothing beats the joy and excitement of playing with water colours on Holi. It brings out your inner child. Everyone, from the elderly to small children, forgives and forgets their differences to enjoy the festival together.


You can now purchase brass holi pichkaris online at Nutrisatr and have a memorable time on that happy day.


Playing with colours, water, and balloons is a fantastic way to celebrate this vibrant festival with family and friends. Pichkari is a vibrant water splashing game popular among friends, family, and relatives.



Water guns are a lot of fun, especially when kids get to use their favourite holi pichkari. Something is exciting for your little boy or girl at Nutristar Holi water gunHurry and show your child the best holi ki pichkari so they can enjoy their holi with holi pichkari.


Holi is a festival of celebration, joy, and, most importantly, the victory of good over evil. The Holi story continues for another two days. On the first evening, known and celebrated as Holika Dahan, logs of wood are lit into a holy fire, followed by offerings of sweets and other delicacies. This is considered an offering to Lord Narsimha.


The Second Day of holi is the most joyous day of the festival. Holi is also associated with the divine relationship between Lord Krishna and Radha. Krishna is said to have complained about his dark complexion while Radha was so fair.


Mata Yashoda, Krishna's mother, suggested in a playful tone that Krishna smear any colour he wanted on Radha's face. As a result, Holi has been joyfully celebrated as the day of colours since that time. Holi in Vrindavan, Mathura, and Braj is well-known throughout the world for its devoted connection with the divine deities and their love.


The Indian Holi festival is well-known in many countries. This day marks the end of the winter season and ushers in a new era. It is an excellent time to show love and care to loved ones, even if you are not physically present. With Holi just around the corner, it's time to think about what we can give our family and friends.

The festival of colours necessitates that we spread the colour all around us, so our friends and family will be delighted to receive gifts from us on this fun and colourful occasion. So, here are some ideas for gifts you can send to your friends and family in India that they will appreciate during the Holi celebrations.

  • Holi colours and pichkaris are especially attractive to children.
  • Make Holi wishes for your loved ones and send them online by selecting online greeting delivery.


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