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The Mahabharat Diya is integral to several rituals and ceremonies in Hindu families. As the sun sets, family bring the lighted lamps to the verandah of the house, continued with evening prayers. In the evening the ritual is repeated alongside evening prayers. In Hindu temples, various types of Nilavilakku like 'Kutthuvilakku', 'Thookkuvilakku' etc are used and are very much related to the traditional beliefs and activities.

Lighting the Mahabharat Diya on any occasion is believed to be auspicious. Nilavilakku plays an important role in the presentation of various art forms. The art forms are performed after lighting the lamp. In India, many functions are inaugurated by lighting Mahabharat Diya.

Mahabharat Diya is usually made of bronze or brass. Usually cotton wicks doused in oil or ghee are used for lighting the lamp. There are three ways of lighting the lamp. In one, only one wick is lit and is directed towards the deity or sacred space and in another there are two lit wicks in two directions. The third alternative is with five wicks in five directions.

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