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We will never get tired of saying that South Indian weddings are always a visual delight! We're always bowled over with the cultural & traditional richness of the weddings in the Southern side of the country. Especially the brides who graciously slip into minimal yet rich outfits, swoon us with their lust-worthy temple jewels and their stunningly unique hair styles –we love it all about them. However this time, it is a ceremony that has us hooked i.e. Mangala Snanam.

Mangala Snanam is a holy ceremony in which the bride and the groom are drenched in water and are given an auspicious purifying bath so that they can further attend the wedding ceremonies. 

Nutristar has brought the Best Mangala Snanam Items to celebrate the ritual in  traditional way. Hurry Up, order today. We have limited stocks.

These pictures will literally made you a fan of this ritual. You would want to have this ceremony too!