Metal Polish Shining Powder, Pitambari Powder.

Metal Polish Shining Powder, Pitambari Powder


Pitambari Shining Powder contains a special cleaning agent that easily removes oiliness and other stains while adding shine and gloss to metal surfaces. It's also easy on the hands.


It is not only effective on copper and brass, but also on aluminum, iron, silver, and steel. Metal Polish Shining Powder is introduced with new and more appealing packaging than the previous one, as well as increased cleaning and foaming power, which easily removes oxide layer from the metal surface and gives shine and gloss to metal surfaces.


We use Copper and Brass utensils on the daily basis, use of copper and brass utensils in the Kitchen is beneficial for health, decorative articles made with copper and brass add beauty to the house and create the feeling of a peaceful environment which pleases the mind.


Due to oxidation copper and brass turns black and we must be thinking that cleaning these utensils is highly impossible. Even today many people use conventional mediums like lime, tambourine, and ash, which cannot clean copper and brass completely instead of using these ideas try the new Pitambari Shining Powder easy to apply to all metals. Nutristar has bought the best Metal Polish Shining Powder which restores the shine and gloss to the vessel.


How to clean Copper utensils?


Traditionally, copper and brass utensils were cleaned with lemon. Nutristar has established the Pitambari Shining Powder, which is a quick and easy way to clean brass and copper utensils. It is also used to clean brass pooja items.


Directions for Use: Apply Pitambari Shining Powder all over the utensil and scrub gently wash it with water properly and wipe it with a cloth.


Pitambari Powder is a 100 % guaranteed easy way of Shining Copper and Brass. Pitambari Shining Powder is made of an advanced formula using alter model technology, therefore, each and every particle is always of equal size this equally spread the variety of different surfaces of the vessel which gives complete cleaning and uniform shine. It cleans protects preserves and restores the shine and luster.


Metal Polish Shining Powder does not cause Scratches on utensils. Use of Pitambari Shining Powder shines Copper and Brass utensils and this shine lasts long. It has a fast cleaning effect, no scrubbing no mess no waste required.


Metal Polish Shining Powder is available in 100 grams150 grams, and 200 grams at Nutristar.

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