Kitchen Masala Box, Spices Container for Kitchen

Brass Masala Box, Masala Dabba, Kitchen Masala Box

The Standard Masala Box, Found in most Indian Kitchens, is useful to store Spices. The Spice Container Stores the essence of all spices for mouth-watering fragrant food.

The Spice box has got 7 compartments, Compartments are small bowls of size measuring 3 Inches x 2.5 Inches approximate, and the Brass Masala Box Dabba measuring 8.5 Inches x 4 Inches approximate with a secured lid.

Copper Kitchen Spice Container comes with a small brass spoon and it has a brass hammered design that is unique and stylish, each bowl has Kalai ( tin coating ) is done to give extra protection and preservation to all Spices from any metal reaction.

The Indian Spices are usually stored in Spice Storage Container are Cassia bark, Cardamom, Black pepper, Cumin, Coriander, Mustard Seeds, and Clove.

Brass Spice Box can also be used to Serve mouth fresheners, candies or dry Fruits to guests on any special occasion or permanently placed at the centre of your dining table. The Brass Masala Box can be used for Multipurpose, It can be a gift item for any occasion to your loved ones and it will last for generations if taken care of.

"Spices are organized in this Spice Storage Box it will not get messed in the Brass Spice Container. Masala Dabba is made of 100% pure and genuine brass of the highest grade."

Brass has got several health benefits and can be used for storing Spices on daily basis.

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