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 Our body needs base metals like copper, Zinc, Tin, etc for better health. In Ayurveda, metal powder (bhasma) is prescribed to cure many diseases. Metals and minerals cannot be produced within the body. External intake of these metals in the diet is one of the sources. Plants absorb metals from the soil hence the level of metal in them depends on the quality of the soil. Therefore vessels and utensils made from these metals are the best sources that our grandparents used for years.

According to Shri Rajeev Dikshit, 97% micro-nutrients are reserved in Bronze utensils whereas 95% micro nutrients are reserved in Brass utensils.

Our Quality Policy:


The purity of the metal is the first concern for us. We make sure that raw material is sourced from reliable vendors to produce 100% pure Bronze and Brass utensils. Lab Test Report is also supplied to consumers.


Janak is well known for its quality products. There are many quality checks are done to produce quality products.


Even sized Bronze sheet metal utensils used to be a dream. Our research and development of years enable us to produce even size Bronze sheet metal utensils.

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