Holi Pichkari : The most important part of Holi Festival

Holi – The Festival of colours

Holi is one of the most fun festival celebrated in India with great excitement and enthusiasm. Starting from kids and teenagers to adults, everyone celebrates holi with a great joy by throwing colours at each other. People mix colours in the water and use holi water guns or pichkaris to sprinkle the coloured water at each other. Holi water guns are the most fun part of celebrating the festival.

Usually people tend to buy normal plastic pichkaris. But the plastic material may be harmful to use and it might not be durable, stain resistant, strong and attractive.

Brass Pichkari or Brass Water Gun Online :

Pichkaris made up of brass are strong, durable, stain resistant and safe to use. Here is brass Water Gun Online, which is attractive with proper pressure to water.


brass pichkari

brass holi water gun


This brass Pichkari has a strong handle to pull and push, it has a grip holder which allows you to hold it tight and straight, it has a water outlet which can be dismantled. You can easily open that outlet and clean the colour stains from inside. The pressure of water in the water gun is not very high or low it is perfect.

The design of brass pichkari is classy and attractive. Children can use it and because of its look adults can also use it. So this holi, be unique and go for Brass Pichkari!


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