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Nutristar Exclusive Marriage Gift Items:

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Indian weddings are events that allow you to go away with a bag full of memories. People say, "Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who becomes everything to you." Make wedding day memories for your loved ones by giving them meaningful presents. We have a lovely assortment of Wedding Gifts for couples, so let's take a closer look at some of them:


1. Decorative Brass Fruit bowl filled with fruits or dry fruits

Brass fruit bowls filled with dry fruits or fruits will look appealing, and the present will appear worthy. The Brass Bowl is a one-of-a-kind piece. The bowl is shaped like a flower.

The Bowl's collar is angled, and the edges are blunted for safety. It is crafted from high-quality brass. Humans have been using brass artifacts for a long time.

2. Dinner Sets in Brass or Copper

Gifting dinner sets during a wedding is an Indian custom. If you want to give a dinner set while remaining distinctive and considerate, use a brass or copper dinner set. Copper and brass are both worthy and appealing materials. Because ceramic dinner sets are overused, brass or copper dinner sets would make an excellent present.

3. Brass Sindoor box set

An Indian bride might appreciate a set of Sindoor boxes as a present. Gifting a set of sindoor boxes is a considerate gesture. The bride will like it since she may use it to decorate her dressing or beauty table with these lovely and colorful sindoor boxes.

4. A set of copper drinkware

The best and most well-received presents are always those that are useful. A copper drinkware set as a present is both practical and thoughtful. Drinking water from copper vessels offers several health benefits. As a result, if you give a copper drinkware set as a present, you will always be remembered.

5. Brass Sweet Plate

Hand-carved and engraved pure brass sweet plate with a lovely pattern. Ideal for presenting sweets and fruits. It is ideal as a decorative item for a showcase.

6. Kamal Bowl (Lotus Bowl)

A lovely Brass Lotus Bowl that may be utilized for a variety of reasons like home décor, floral arrangements, and so on.

7. Brass Diya (Oil lamp)

Use brass diyas to attract positive energy and dispel negativity in your home. The brass diyas produce a pleasant and contented atmosphere in the home.

8. Brass Urli

Beautiful traditional brass Urli can be displayed at the front door and in the living room. All of these positions are intended to generate a protective atmosphere around the home as well as purify the energy of those who live there.

9. Brass and Copper Masala Box

A masala box (Spice Box) is a common spice storage container used in Indian kitchens. A classic Masala Dabba consists of several tiny cups, usually seven, set inside a round box.

10. Brass Chopala

A pristine brass Bowls are great for serving curries regularly, but they may also be used for other things. If filled with dried fruits, they can be put in the middle or corner of a table.
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