• Copper Water Bottle Health Benefits.

    Copper Water Bottle Health Benefits.
    Copper Water Bottle Benefits:A brief review of copper's function in human health shows a long list of instances when copper has contributed to the prevention and treatment of various diseases over the centuries. The following health benefits can be obtained by drinking water that has been stored in a Copper Bottle overnight or for at least four hours:Copper is a metal that has been around for thousands of years and has been utilized by people. Copper utensils are still used for cooking and water storage today. Nutristar designed everyday-useable copper bottles for drinking water, such as Printed...
  • Benefits of Brass Utensils.

    Benefits of Brass Utensils.
    What is Brass? Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Brass is a composition of Copper and Zinc usually 75 % of copper and the remaining 25 % is zinc. Brass is Golden in Colour. Brass is called Peetal in Hindi and has a more ancient and outdated sounding name, but its beneficial characteristics and health advantages pique our curiosity. This metal is a big component of copper and zinc, and they both have various approaches to our bodies. For Cooking in brass utensils, you need to ensure that you have Kalai (tin coating), Kalai is Silver...
  • Brass Chains for Swing.

    Brass Chains for Swing.
    BRASS CHAIN FOR SWING available at nutristar   Where to buy and how to install Wooden Swing with Brass Chain? Brass Swings are getting very popular for modern interior design and decoration purposes. The important part of every swing is a chain, Nutristar has bought an exclusive collection of Brass Swing Chains. The Brass Swing Chain set has been intricately designed and handcrafted using the highest quality brass metal. Brass not only provides high strength and durability but also an antique golden look, shine, and glossiness.   This Brass Jhula Chain is of good quality made up of brass links...
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