Benefits of Brass Utensils.

What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Brass is a composition of Copper and Zinc usually 75 % of copper and the remaining 25 % is zinc. Brass is Golden in Colour.

Brass is called Peetal in Hindi and has a more ancient and outdated sounding name, but its beneficial characteristics and health advantages pique our curiosity. This metal is a big component of copper and zinc, and they both have various approaches to our bodies.

For Cooking in brass utensils, you need to ensure that you have Kalai (tin coating), Kalai is Silver Coating that is done inside the brass vessels.

Its applications vary from the creation of deity idols to the ornamentation of some people. Apart from it, artefacts to decorate homes, as well as cookware and serve ware, are prominent. Its density can be formulated to suit specific needs by changing the zinc and copper content, making it simple to handle.

Although using brass cookware and serve ware is not the ultimate solution to every problem, using it as a primary help and combining it with additional steps will almost certainly lessen the danger.

So let's get started on our journey to a healthier lifestyle and gather some more facts. Brass, also known as Peetal in India, was once only popular in the lower neighbourhoods, but due to its versatility and durability, it has recently spread throughout the World.

Brass Utensils

Benefits of Cooking food in Traditional Brass Utensils:

  • All types of food were cooked on Pital or Brass vessels in traditional kitchens.
  • Brass produces enough melanin to be mixed with food, and melanin is essential for skin health since it protects against dangerous UV radiation.
  • It is said that consuming food cooked in brass or drinking water preserved in a brass vessel helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma.
  • Cooking With Brass Utensils releases zinc into the food, which helps in blood purification and boosts haemoglobin count.
  • Food cooked in brass releases natural oils, which enhance the taste of the dish and add extra flavour to the dish.
  • Store water in a brass jug overnight and consume it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This will improve your immunity.

How do you clean brass?

Brass may turn a blackish colour when reacting with oxygen over time. Brass Vessels can be kept glancing new by rubbing salt and lemon on them. Cleaning brass products with Nutristar Brass Shining Powder is the best and most traditional method.

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