Brass Chains for Swing.

BRASS CHAIN FOR SWING available at nutristar


Where to buy and how to install Wooden Swing with Brass Chain?

Brass Swings are getting very popular for modern interior design and decoration purposes.

The important part of every swing is a chain, Nutristar has bought an exclusive collection of Brass Swing Chains. The Brass Swing Chain set has been intricately designed and handcrafted using the highest quality brass metal. Brass not only provides high strength and durability but also an antique golden look, shine, and glossiness.


This Brass Jhula Chain is of good quality made up of brass links that are traditionally shaped. This Chain can be customized by inserting the shape of a horse, elephant, peacock, or parrot in between the brass links. This brass chain is highly durable. All traditional shapes and designs of brass chains are available at Nutristar.

Swings are a favorite among people of all ages and elevate the essence of the living room. Brass Swing is loved and very popular among our customers.

A swing is a hanging seat and it is commonly found in playgrounds for children and is now widely used as indoor furniture.  Once in motion, a swing will continue to oscillate like a pendulum until it is stopped by external interference or drag.

These products are highly efficient and durable, have Superior Quality, and are appropriate for all age groups. Beautiful Design brass links for Fine Swing Lovers! Nothing more than a simple form with an emphasis on organic appearance.

These Stylish Swings will help you enjoy those lazy days. Give your home a luxurious look with a Solid Wooden Swing. 

 Brass Chain for Swing

Decorate the living room and garden with a wooden swing with brass Chains to sit and swing. This is a great addition to your home's inner and outer decor and will make your greenery and living room look elegant. Brass is used for strength and durability, ensuring years of enjoyment. Great handwork, created by our talented artisans, that you can use at your home/office /living/ living room decor.


Brass Chain brings positive energy to your living room and a traditional impression of your modern home. Brass Swing Chain will get you a traditionally antique interior look into a modern house.

 Brass Swing Chain

Brass swing chain has links, each link gets attached to each other to form a chain, you can reduce the size by reducing links from chains. Each brass link is about 6 inches and the weight of the total 4 sets chain is 16.990 kg, normally you needed (4 chain sets of 7 feet each) to attach to the ceiling, these links are attached to form a chain and this is attached to a wooden swing with a brass chain as shown in the picture.


Brass Swing Chain




Jhula with Brass Chain appears luxurious and royal, inviting you to sit back and relax. Brass swing chains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Nutristar gives you the best quality brass Swing Chain. Brass characteristics are Tarnish-resistant, Low-friction, and Malleable.


Brass Swing Chain Set


Cleaning: Start by cleaning with a soft brush or a clean cotton cloth.


If you want to make customized brass links according to your requirement call or WhatsApp our customer service at +91 96522 64202.

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